Skincare Academy Virtual Learning Series - July 11 and July 25 - 7pm-8pm Eastern
  •  Novel Sunscreen Insights
       Zoe Draelos, MD

  •  Hot Topics in Cosmeceuticals
       Josh Zeichner, MD

  •  What You Should Know About Nutraceuticals
       Doris Day, MD

  •  What's New in Understanding the Skin Microbiome
       Deirdre Hooper, MD

  •  Topical Approaches To Treating Hyperpigmentation
       Susan Taylor, MD

  •  Acids 101
       Glynis Albon, MD

  •  Update on Moisturizers
       Diane Berson, MD

  •  The Business of Dispensing Skincare
       Ruth Tedaldi, MD

Skincare Academy 2023 Faculty

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