We webcast like no other
We use the internet to the max. Need a live webcast? Check. Video-on-demand? Done. Or, just want to proof your editing easily? That's it.

Now that most homes and offices have high-speed internet access, video on the web is a given. But there are many uses and Take One has the knowledge to maximize your return on investment. Simply put, 99% of our clients make use of web video whether or not they intended to at the outset.

Most all of our videos are proofed online saving FedEx costs and time burning DVD's. Plus, decision makers can easily collaborate and appove from their desktops.

Even a simple lecture video or promo can be compressed for the web so that it can easily be shared, watched, and used by more people... an easy return on your investment!

Call us to find out how internet video fits into your next production.

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