MIGS with ABiC

Introducing ABiC™, Ab Interno Canaloplasty

ABiC is a minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) that can effectively reduce the elevated eye pressure associated with glaucoma. By addressing all aspects of potential outflow resistance ABiC is able to deliver an average reduction in eye pressure of 30%. It can also reduce your glaucoma medications by 50%.

ABiC is based on the same principles as angioplasty. It uses breakthrough microcatheter technology to enlarge the eye’s natural drainage system, improving outflow and lowering eye pressure. It is important to note that ABiC acts to restore the natural outflow system, rather than bypass it. Further, ABiC does not leave any permanent implant or device in your eye.

  • Restorative treatment of the eye’s natural drainage system
  • Sustained reduction of pressure in the eye.
  • Reduced dependence on expensive medications.
  • Minimally invasive for quicker recovery and return to daily activities.
  • Limited risk of complications versus traditional surgical alternatives.
  • No need for a permanent implant or device in your eye
  • No limitations on your favorite activities
Take part in the webinar to see Dr. Mahmoud A. Khaimi perform two cases of ABiC:

"ABiC offers multiple advantages: being a true MIGS procedure; having an excellent safety profile; being fast and easy to perform without the need for a permanent implant or stent; being minimally invasive with no manipulation of the conjunctiva; and, based on 12-month data, having proven efficacy in cases of both controlled and uncontrolled glaucoma."


Dr. Khaimi Mahmoud A. Khaimi, MD
Dean McGee Eye Institute
University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, OK

Dr. Mahmoud A. Khaimi is a Clinical Associate Professor at the Dean McGee Eye Institute, University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. His special interests include minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), filtration and glaucoma drainage surgery for glaucoma, complex cataracts. Dr. Khaimi was one of the first adopters of traditional (ab-externo) Canaloplasty, having performed more than 1000 procedures, and more recently has pioneered the development of ABiC - a truly comprehensive approach to Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS).