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A proactive approach to treatment

Paolo Lanzetta will introduce the importance of proactive treatment for achieving and maintaining positive outcomes in nAMD, and highlight the key data supporting the use of aflibercept with a treat-and-extend regimen.

Professor Paolo Lanzetta     Professor
Paolo Lanzetta

University of Udine, Italy


Treat-and-extend with aflibercept:
Insights from ALTAIR

Gemmy Cheung will present the latest results from the ALTAIR study, adding to the evidence supporting the use of a proactive treat-and-extend regimen with aflibercept in nAMD.

Associate Professor Gemmy Cheung     Associate Professor Gemmy Cheung
Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore


Treat-and-extend with aflibercept:
Early updates from ARIES

Paul Mitchell will present emerging evidence from the ARIES study on the use of aflibercept with early versus late initiation of treatment interval extension.

Professor Paul Mitchell     Professor
Paul Mitchell

University of Sydney, Australia


Q&A with the experts

Question and Answer Session    

Make sure you remain online after the presentations because there will be an opportunity to ask the experts questions.

As a leader in medical retina, Bayer is hosting a series of ophthalmology webinars to reflect its mission to support science for better lives, and enhance patient care and experience, by sharing best practices within the ophthalmology community.

You are invited to join global experts Professor Paolo Lanzetta, Associate Professor Gemmy Cheung, and Professor Paul Mitchell in a webinar on the topic of proactive, extended dosing with aflibercept.

The European SPC for aflibercept solution for intravitreal injection can be found here.


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This is a promotional webinar organized and funded by Bayer. Bayer recommends the use of its products in line with local prescribing information.

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